France – Hungary. forecast and rate. Will the match be effective?

Team form

The French national team has one of the best defenses in the world of handball. The team at this tournament managed to win absolutely all the fights. The following national teams were defeated – Norway, Austria, Algeria, Iceland and Portugal. Guillaume Gilles uses constant rotation so that at any time period his players can put pressure on their opponent.

The Hungarian national team, perhaps unexpectedly for someone, made it to the quarterfinals of the competition in Egypt. Hungarians absolutely deservedly entered the top eight teams in the tournament. They managed to beat Uruguay, Germany, Brazil and Poland. In the last match, which was already decided only by who will manage to take first place in the group, the team lost to the Spanish national team (28:36).

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Outcome betting

Bookmakers consider the French as favorites of the match with odds 1.37 for their victory. A draw can be taken for ten.50, and the victory of the Hungarians is quoted at the mark 4.thirty. Teams met eleven times in history. Seven victories on the account of the French.

Total bet

The total in this fight is set at the mark 54.5 ball with the same quotes 1.89. In the last three meetings, such a total did not break through.

Forecast and rates

In my opinion, in this meeting, one should not expect an abundance of abandoned heads. Hungarians gave rest to their leaders in the game with the Spaniards. The French national team will strive, through constant pressure and safety net in defense, not to allow their opponent to play quick combinations. Considering all this, I can’t believe in the effective course of the match. I suggest playing total less 55 balls with coefficient 1.78.

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Civitanova – Perugia: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

In today’s final we will analyze how many mistakes will be made on serving Perugia.

To begin with, I figured out how many mistakes both teams scored on serve in the domestic championship. Perugia made 311 mistakes in 20 matches, which is 15.5 on average for each match. Civitanova made 290 errors in the same number of matches, which is 14.5 errors on average per match.

Next, I analyzed the personal meetings of the current season in the domestic championship and the Champions League.

Italian Super Cup 25.09.2020 – 25 mistakes on serving Perugia.
Champions League 8.12.2020 – 19 mistakes on serving Perugia.
Serie (A) 23.12.2020 – 14 mistakes on serving Perugia.

We see that this season Perugia players have an average of 19.5 serve mistakes.

In the main six, almost everyone serves power, and the main mass of mistakes in serving, in theory, should be made by Leon, Plotnitsky and Vernon-Evans. It is not yet clear in what position the second scorer Alexander Atanasevich is. But if he does, then he will risk on the serve, perhaps more than anyone else.

I will assume that in this match the winner will be revealed in the fifth game, which will accordingly be a victory for us!

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Also in today’s forecast we will try to make out the phenomenon of Wilfredo Leon.

Wilfredo León – Italian Perugia’s winger.

Leon is strong in all volleyball components: serve, attack, block. Perhaps, the reception is slightly worse, but he overrides this with the quality of his play.

This season Leon has played 20 games in Serie A, in which he scored 381 points, which is an average of 19.5 per match.
Wilfredo vs. Civitanova this season:

Italian Super Cup – 31 points.
Champions League – 20 points.
Championship of Italy – 23 points.

So we see Leon averaging 24.5 points against Civitanova this season.

The position of the diagonal Alexander Atanasevich is also unclear, but he did not participate in the last matches. Perhaps he was taken care of for the final, but we will see this in today’s match. It is quite natural that the bulk of the transmissions will go through Leon Plotnitsky, and with perfect finishing through the central.

Bookmakers rarely offer such totals, if they gave such a total for each match, then at a distance it would lead us to big profits. But in reality it is not so.

I think if Leona is constantly waiting at the block, it will be difficult for him and our forecast will come in. But if the game goes on, it can break through in three games. I see in this line a slight advantage over the bookmaker, which we will try to take advantage of.

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Manchester City – Tottenham: forecast and bet. Ryan Mason could make history

Stadium: Wembley (London).
Judge: Paul Tierney.


Manchester City: De Bruyne (?), Stones.
Tottenham: Kane (?), Davis, Scarlett.

Team form

“Manchester city” although he missed the FA Cup, but in the championship the gap is solid, and in the Champions League there are good chances of winning. Guardiola wins the League Cup almost every year, so for him this is quite an ordinary match. It is worth noting that the form of “townspeople” is now far from the best. There were difficulties against Borussia, a departure from the spacecraft from Chelsea, between them there was also a defeat from Leeds. We beat Villa in the last round, but again we had to try and only 2: 1.

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Tottenham put.O. 29-year-old Mason, who barely beat Southampton. It is very hard to believe that a young specialist will be able to impose a fight on Pepa Guardiola. Spurs have won just one of their last four. The only advantage that is definitely on the side of Tottenham, motivation. Londoners have not won trophies for a long time, so they will come out to play as if for the last time. 

Outcome betting

Victory “Manchester city” begs. Bookmakers understand this and give everything  1.51. Tottenham makes a very rotten and unconvincing impression. The psychology of a loser can also play here, which obviously prevents the “spurs” from winning at least something.

Victory Manchester city